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Commercial pressure washing is a specialized technique of cleaning that uses water and detergent under high pressures to remove dirt and stains from buildings and sidewalks.

The high pressure drives the solution deep into concrete and brick, without damaging the beauty of the structure. This mode of cleaning is ideal for buildings and sidewalks because it deep cleans surfaces without damaging the structure. You want to remove all dirt, grease, stains, and dirt holding down hard-wearing surfaces like tile, wood flooring, and concrete. Commercial pressure washing machines clean efficiently using a combination of high-pressure liquid (like sodium percarbonate) and a chemical process called liquefaction. This process works by breaking down grease and dirt into tiny droplets which can easily be removed by the pump. This reduces the cleaning time which makes it easy to use and clean more areas at one time.

Commercial pressure washing is an effective solution to many of the cosmetic issues that can develop with regular power washing. Commercial pressure washing is an effective way to clean driveways, sidewalks, and patios. It’s also a great way to prevent long-term damage from mold and mildew, which can cause major problems if left untreated. Therefore, pressure washing should be done as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

Why Should You Hire Crosby Professionals?

Customer Experience – Our world speaks for itself, We have hundreds of happy and satisfied customers who regularly hire out services for pressure washing of their sidewalks or buildings, etc. Our team listens to all your needs and only leaves once you are satisfied even if it means cleaning your surface 5 times. Until our customer is not satisfied, we won’t leave the site.

Deeper Knowledge – Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience and advanced training in various cleaning technologies. Unlike other washing providers who buy basic machines from stores and start providing service to customers to earn a few bucks, we have extensive knowledge on different cleaning surfaces and use it to your advantage in a way that we do not harm or damage your surface. Simply streaming the flow of the water on the surface damages it even though it is not evident at that moment. Our team has knowledge on all types of surfaces and their weaknesses.

Value for Money – Our team At Crosby TX Pressure Washing will leave your surface shining and like it was built yesterday and that too at an affordable price when compared to other providers.

Friendly Staff – Our team is very friendly and caters to all your needs. Once you interact with our staff you will realize what you’re missing out on. Our team makes you understand all the basics of cleaning and involves you in the process of cleaning a certain surface in a certain way. They will also give out a few tips to maintain your surface’s health.

Risks Involved In Cleaning By Yourself

As good and cost-efficient it may sound, trying pressure washing by yourself is not a good idea. You will probably buy a pressure machine or use your neighbours’ but there are high chances that you will end up damaging your Surface. Pressure washing is not just using high pressure to clean it is a much more complicated process and if not done properly you will end up damaging your surface. In an attempt to save some bucks, you will end up losing much more.

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Initially we hired Crosby TX Pressure Washing to shrink wrap our outdoor furniture for the winter. Realizing we needed our patio cleaned, and after talking with my parents who raved about the amazing job Crosby TX Pressure Washing did cleaning their siding, we hired them to clean the patio. It looks brand new! The teams out in the field and in the front office are professional and knowledgeable. We’ll be using them for all our power washing and shrink wrap needs. We highly recommend them!

 – Roger.

Great work with reasonable pricing! William and his crew came on time and the job was done in a few hours and he made sure I was happy with the work. I saw a few spots that just needed a quick spray over again and he made sure to do that. Job well done! Highly recommend Crosby TX Pressure Washing!

– Danny.

I heard about Crosby TX Pressure Washing through a mailing. Generally, I don’t use those and prefer to get a recommendation from a friend/neighbor. But they offered a service that intrigued me: roof cleaning. And now after a house wash and roof cleaning, I’ll happily be the friend/neighbor who offers the recommendation.

– Hana.


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