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Keeping our house clean is a vital part of our lifestyle. It enhances the look of your house and makes it safer. If you are looking for a cleaning service, then you have reached
the right place.

Crosby TX Pressure Washing is one of the most trusted names in the pressure washing industry of Crosby, Texas. Be it your home, driveway, roof – anything. We make sure that your place is always presentable and looks the best. The pressure washing industry is a competitive market, and a company has to bring something unique to make its name in people. What we put on the table is our deep knowledge, years of experience, and competitive pricing. These features have made our company one of the leading pressure washers in the city. Our washers show their dedication while cleaning and make sure to give a spotless and sparkling clean result. Also, we offer a wide range of services for complete cleaning.

Our Services

Since a home is more than just one building, we offer our services not only for the building but your complete home. Here’s a compact list of our services-

Cleaning House – A clean home is a happy home. Our pressure washing techniques take the load off of your head to clean your house. We hire experts who know where the dirt hides. They attack it there and make your walls shiny again.

Tiles Wash – Tiles are a big part of your decor. Dirty tiles give an impression of a dirty household. Be it any stubborn grout or dirt but our washers are even more. They can remove it and make your tiles new again.

Pavements – Pavement welcomes you and your guests to your house. So it is crucial to keep it extra clean. So our experienced washers take the extra step and give your pavement an extra cleansing using our machines.

Fence Wash – Fences protect your home from many things like insects, small animals, trespassing, etc. They get dirty as well, on account of being outside. Our people know how to thoroughly clean the fences to make them look fresh once again.

Wooden Decks – Wooden decks are a lovely place to chill out and read your favorite book. But even they can get dirty as the wind can bring a lot of soil and other stuff with it, and it accumulates in the cracks between the planks. Our pressure washing equipment can clean your deck in no time and make it rustic and beautiful again.

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Where Do We Come In?

You can look around the market for pressure cleaners, but they lack the experience that we have in abundance. What makes us different is our adaptability and our knowledge. We take time to understand your needs, discuss them and then start working. If there is a new technique or technology in the market, there is a good chance that the people at Crosby Pressure Cleaning have already made it a standard. We thrive on customer satisfaction and make every effort to ensure our client gets the best. Contact us for a free quote because your house deserves the best.

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Initially we hired Crosby TX Pressure Washing to shrink wrap our outdoor furniture for the winter. Realizing we needed our patio cleaned, and after talking with my parents who raved about the amazing job Crosby TX Pressure Washing did cleaning their siding, we hired them to clean the patio. It looks brand new! The teams out in the field and in the front office are professional and knowledgeable. We’ll be using them for all our power washing and shrink wrap needs. We highly recommend them!

 – Roger.

Great work with reasonable pricing! William and his crew came on time and the job was done in a few hours and he made sure I was happy with the work. I saw a few spots that just needed a quick spray over again and he made sure to do that. Job well done! Highly recommend Crosby TX Pressure Washing!

– Danny.

I heard about Crosby TX Pressure Washing through a mailing. Generally, I don’t use those and prefer to get a recommendation from a friend/neighbor. But they offered a service that intrigued me: roof cleaning. And now after a house wash and roof cleaning, I’ll happily be the friend/neighbor who offers the recommendation.

– Hana.

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